We Are Professionals

Create Something out of Nothing;
Cast customer’s problems into shape to offer empathetic manufacturing.
Time Creation;
Realizing challenges for producing in limited time with these two visions and the company motto.
We Are Professionals;
Matsui contributes to society through our business.

Business Line-up

Hydraulic / Pneumatic / Lubrication Equipment

Matsui supplies motor, cylinder, valve and etc. for automation, high functionalization and high refinement of hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication equipment in order to respond to a wide range of usage in each industry and customers’ needs.

Measurement Device

Matsui supplies torque meter and telemeter system made by Manner Sensortelemetrie, a leading company for auto industry. We contribute in upgrading of an auto manufacturing including measurement know-how and technology to make it possible to achieve high-quality measurements.

Industrial Machinery / Equipment Machinery / Machinery Tool

Matsui has a wide range of products for steel plant, manufacturing, construction business and agriculture covering industrial machinery, equipment machinery and machinery tool. We contribute in upgrading and effectiveness of the industry.

Marine / Shipbuilding / Fishery Related Machinery / Equipment

Matsui supplies marine / shipbuilding related machinery to domestic and international shipyards and ship owners. We also supply fishery machine which is equipped with fishing boat to fishery operators and fishery cooperatives. We contribute to connect the sea with human in a wide range of areas.

Fish Farming Research Materials

“Shifting from Catching to Breeding and Farming” Matsui has top sales records in the field of aquaculture products. We contribute to develop aquaculture and to future development of fishery industry by supplying with a broad range of research materials to fishery research institutions and aquariums.

Environment Protection Equipment / Oil Pollution Prevention Equipment

To protect ocean from oil pollution, Matsui supplies oil recovery equipment for oil spill to mainly Petroleum Association of Japan(PAJ), petroleum bases and Japan Coast Guard. We contribute to protect environment, control pollution and make oil cleaning operation more efficient.

Wind Power Generation Related Equipment

Matsui supplies brake, torque limiter, lubrication equipment and hoisting machine, which increase reliability and energy efficiency. We contribute to develop a symbiotic relationship with energy and environment through renewable energy realization.

Service Associated with Each Business

Matsui offer customers its full support from introduction support such as system design, construction, installation to technical support such as measurement and technical know-how. We also offer after-purchase servicing such as maintenance and reconstruction.